Nancy Pasternak, President
Jane Wiegand, Vice President
Maggie Gunter, Secretary

Katherine Pasternak
Sarah Pasternak
Derick Pasternak, Treasurer
Philip Durbrow

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Borrow Training-Candle Making
Borrower Training Has Found Its Audience

Prosperity Rings’ current partners hopped right onto our advice to enhance borrower opportunities by providing training in various trades and services.

We encourage them to name their company and package their product with that name and contact information. Labeling and business cards are also important for a service enterprise.

Borrowers are learning true entrepreneurial skills.

Cell Phone Repair52
Home Appliance Repair63
Horticulture Nursery123
Mushroom Cultivation111
Jute Bags52
Tailoring/Towel Making88
Vermi Compost52
Chilly Chicken Powder55
Cell Phone Service (Spring)53
Vegetable Sales55
Herbal Juice51
Tailoring I, II, III2323
Candle & Incense Making53
Soda/Soft Drinks62
Beautician I41
Beautcian II61

Voices of Our Ladies

Financial Report

We know of no other investment that grows so vastly and impressively than your funds that revolve continually over the years. These graphs demonstrate that growth.

Financial Statistics

ANISHA ROTARY2006-2007$45,0002,491$453,770
SPANDANA, CRESA, SRI2001-2008$66,175est 17,500est $4,400,000
TOTALS (est)$241,710est 22,987est $5,426,520*
SHWET ROTARY PROJECT2012-2013$5,000Computer Center
SRIA ROTARY PROJECT2011-2012$5,000Water Tank
ANISHA ROTARY PROJECT2011-2012$2,700Tailoring Center

* The TOTAL fund growth over the past 16 years is derived from the known actual amounts from current partners and ANISHA, plus estimated amounts from former partners known to be continually making loans from Prosperity Rings’ funds. This represents an approximate increase in the value of funds of 225%.

GuideStar BronzeProsperity Rings is registered with GuideStar which provides information about each registered nonprofit, regarding its mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, transparency, governance, and more, so that you can make the best decisions possible concerning your donations.

Most people feel honored when a charitable gift is given in their name. On special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, retirement, awards won, birthdays, or the death of a loved one, consider showing your esteem and respect by contributing to Prosperity Rings. We will let the person/family/ friends know about your gesture, if you wish, by sending them a note card. Your book, sewing, dinner club; sports team; bridge, school, church group — any gathering — is welcome to adopt Prosperity Rings as a worthy investment.

Prosperity Rings
Nancy Pasternak, President
P.O. Box 70388
Seattle, WA 98127

We heartily thank you, our valued donors!

Al Areesh Nov. Trdg. LLC
Al Liali Jewelers
Al Zahra Jewellery
Amwaj Restaurant
Shangri-la Artistic Yoga
AWA Dubai Book Club I
Bank of America
Cactus Cantina
Cara Jewelers
Denny Photo
Dubai Bridge Club
Five Restaurant, Jum. Rotana
FMS, Glen Achen
Gems of Yoga
Google Inc.
Jumeirah Group Hotels
Kempinski Hotel Ajman
Marshall Strategy
Mehreen Carpets
Mobile Chef Caterers
Network for Good
Prestige Copy & Print
Queen Gifts & LLC
Rotary Club of Bellevue
Rotary Club of Seattle
Rotary Club of Tiruchirapalli
10 other Rotary Clubs *
Rotary District 5030
The Rotary Foundation
Shangri-la Hotels
Sheba Carpets
Stratezen Carpets
Trader Vic’s
Wiegand Memorial Foundation
Zheng He Restaurant
Ann Abbott
Anna & Saleem Akhter
Rita Ahluwalia
Kay Anderson
Bernadette Arnecke
Kris Arnold
Laurie Ashbaugh
Ghuzal Badamshina
Aimee & Fadl Badreddine
Star Bailey
Vicky Bailey

Marshall & Kathleen Baker
Sylvie & Patrick Balquet
Soraya Bardshiry
Gillian Barlow
Sheila Barnes
Jeremy Barnes
Shiv Batra
Bonny & Douglas Becker
Sue & Harry Bennett
Asha Bhatia
Sue Bodensteiner
Sherill Bohart
Alex & Christine Boldizsar
Brad & Pirkko Borland
Laura Botwinick
Barbara Braithwaite
Kaitlin Brandt
Connie Brennan
Samantha Bryant
Julie Buchnall
Lois Eby & David Budbill
Jeanette & George Buffett
Gini & Kirk Bunnell
Alex Burkhart
Pinar Calimano
William Canoy
Stephenie & Kevin Capozzi
Jenny & John Capps
Karen & Gordon Capretto
Alice Csepregi
Carol Chambers
Mei-Ju Chen
John & Rea Christofferson
Adam & Cecilia Cohn
Bernie Cooper
Linda Culbertson
Julie Cwinar
Manju Dasgupta
Sallianne Davis
Bud & Liz Dawson
Mary Kate Denny
Kyla Deremer
Susan Dibden
Don & Donna Dorsey
Evelina Dunlap
Pam Durant & Sarper Tanli
Philip Durbrow
Greg & Louise Durfee

Karen St. Vincent Erickson
Cathy Farrar
Simin Farshbaf
Jerald & Judith Fleming
Cheryl Foster
Diane & Glenn Galloway
Mary & Talal Gama
Ed & Lynne Glasgow
Bharti Goculdas
Celia & Steve Grether
Maggie Gunter
Gail & Allan Hart
Ruth & Jack Halsell
Eric & Suzanne Haskin
Dia Hassan
Anne Hassoun
Annemarie Hatton
Bob & Katie Hauck
Jessica Hawley
Aline Haynes
Ann Hensey
Ben & Hanna Henschel
Mary Beth Hickey
Janice Holz
Norma J. Horner
Linda Humphrey
Dana & Thomas Hunter
Shirlee Huston
Greg & Vicky Irvine
Denise Irwin
Melodie Jackson
Sharon Johnson
Marilyn Johnston
Bela & Edna Kalman
Sherry Kaufield
Margie Katz
Ada & Richard Kinscherff
Stephanie Kirz
Noreen Koerner
Kim Kotheimer
Beverly Koski
Steve & Liz Krenick
Beth Krewedl
Barbara Lamb
Jananne Lankard
Tom Leahy
Phyllis & Chuck Leonard

Marsha Linehan
Donna Linn
Jilan Liu & Jay Morris
Kathy & Michael Lord
Barbara Lycett
Jadwiga & Zoltan Mako
Ed & Katherine Mandity
Tony Marshall
Barbara & Steve Martin
Renuka & Stephen Matthews
Janet McLoughlin
Sachin & Anita Mehrotra
Carlos Mendoza
Wendy & Hal Mervis
Willow Michaud
Lynda Mikalauskas
Jim & Kristi Moore
Wendy Mullen
Sarah Navarre
Dahle Nielson
Penny Oldfather
Sandy Olsen
Sally Onetto
Allison Otis
Jack & Peggy Otis
Jamie Otis
John Otis
John & Estella Otis
Kristina & Dusty Overby
Bill & Maylin Parsons
Kenneth & Aniko Pasternak
Derick & Nancy Pasternak
Katherine Pasternak
Sarah Pasternak
Mrudula Patel
Greg Perkins
Ann Perrins
Jeri Peterson & Karl Eisbach
Tom & Liz Pusheck
Carlo Ramponi
George & Clyda Rent
Judy Rickatson
Laura Rinderer
Alan Ross
Gerald & Teresa Roth
Merdith Commons Russo
Jill Ryan

Sara Saboonchi
Girlie Saura
Gloria Sauro
Judy & Skeet Schaefer
Peter & Stephanie Schaefer
Geraldine Schroder
Judy & Bob Scottas
Elizabeth Selmier
Azra & Haroon Shadman
Svitlana Shlapak
Elizabeth & Steven Sherman
Robyn Short
Darryl Smith
Barry & Karen Solem
Larry & Julie Snyder
Cary Steele
Susan Stillman
Ryan & Nicole Sutton
Linda Szasz
Jean & Dick Swank
Jan Swarts
Patricia Talbot
Jan Teal
Robert Timmers
Rita Todd
Priscila Torres
George & Ginger Vance
Fernanda Van der Linden
Durriyah Vasi
Don & Charlene Vollmer
Pat Wand
Audrey Wass
Jan Wasser
Elizabeth Wasson
David Weidner
Jane Wiegand
Michael & Caren Weinberg
Debbe Wilson
Janice Winemiller
Katy & David Wood
Gail & Steve Woodley
Karen Young
Laurie & Mark Youssef
Yasmin Yusuf
Bernard & Bernice Zavala
Karen Zwerling

* Rotary Clubs of Auburn, Bellevue Breakfast, Edmonds Daybreakers, Emerald City, Fremont, Lake Forest Park, Mercer Island, Renton, Shoreline, University